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Top 10 Bridal Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Special

Top 10 Bridal Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Special
Image credit: Rockmywedding
With the appearance of wedding planners who work with the events of various scale, any mess on the venue for wedding turns into the desired order. If you hire a planner in advance, then, perhaps, you will never know what kind of a headache you have got rid of. You can experience an alike situation, visiting a women dating gallery when searching for an amazing girl.
The most ingenious advice that you can get, and which will make your life easier is to entrust the professionals with the development and preparation of the wedding. However, there are situations when there is no desire or opportunity to contact the agency. In this case, the following top 10 bridal tips will help you make the big day.
1. Something old, something new.
When choosing a style of the wedding, always think about how relevant and attractive for you the event will look in photos and videos in 10, 15, 30 and even 50 years. Following the most insane trends, remember that this event should exist in your albums out of time.
2. First impressions are most lasting.
This proverb should be applied to the development of the invitation cards. Set the tone of the event from the very beginning, when the guest receives an invitation card. This is one of the most important parts of your preparation. Do not be afraid to specify a dress code for guests, it will make it easier for them to choose their outfits.
3. Meeting area for guests. 
Not only decor, snacks, and drinks but also organizational details are important, for example, who will meet guests and become the first and recognizable person and assistant of the event; what the guests will do besides the lazy sipping of drinks. However, do not overdo it, do not plan more than three entertainments.
4. Tying the knot. 
Top 10 Bridal Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Special
Image credit: Huffington post
In the USA, there is a wonderful tradition to arrange a rehearsal of the ceremony that is usually followed by a pre-wedding dinner with relatives. More precisely, this is a real " run-through" of the most important moment in the whole event. It’s very easy to be confused when dozens or even hundreds of people look at you. So, it's better to spend an hour rehearsing the wedding ceremony the day before the wedding.
5. Bar line.
If the budget allows you to organize a bar line, it will be the right decision. Not everybody drinks wine and just strong alcohol. Different cocktails, including non-alcoholic ones, will please your guests.
6. Signposts.
If the territory on the venue for the wedding is large, do not skimp on clear signs in the style of the event. This is not only a part of the decor but also the necessary functional detail. Staff and guests will thank you.
7. Time management. 
In order not to make hysterical reminder calls to photographers, confectioners and artists a night before the wedding, make a detailed timing of the whole day a week before the big day. Make time to call all the contractors who are responsible for the event. Make a template message with the contacts, address, a map, and time of the beginning of the event, and send it as a reminder a day before the wedding.
8. Specify outfits for the staff.
Talk in advance with all the staff, artists and contractors about appropriate outfits. DJ, wearing shabby jeans and a bright T-shirt will look stylish only in a club.
9. Cake serving.
After long tastings and discussions about how the ideal cake should look like, everyone usually forgets about serving such an important dessert. Specify not only the time of serving of the cake but also the table, the tablecloth, the candles, the dishes that will not spoil the scene and emphasize the beauty of the moment.
10. Enjoy the moment.

If you feel good, your guests will also enjoy the wedding!

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