10 Types of Handbags for Girls

Handbag is one of those accessories that majority of women can’t do without. Its functionality and beauty combined are what makes it a must-have accessory.  Every girl desires to have the best quality handbag that is much better than those which are on the shoulders or hands of other girls.

There are different types of handbags, and each one fits well with a specific function. Without saying much, let’s get down to discussing the different kinds of bags for girls.

  1. Sling Bag

Sling bags are very stylish, elegant and comfortable to carry. If you’re a mother with children, a sling bag will come in handy since you will cross it over your shoulders and hold your kids with your hands.  A sling bag is usually in different sizes.

crossbody bag
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If you got many things to carry then, consider big crossbody bags that will fit all your items.

2. Beach Bag

Are you thinking of going on holiday to the beach? If that is a yes then carrying a beach bag will be perfect.  They are made of a plastic material, and most of them are waterproof.

If you’re that person that likes to swim along with your belonging, the waterproof one will be the right pick for you. Moreover, if you’re not that type; a vintage straw beach bag will still be suitable.

straw Beach Bag
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3. Hobo Bag

Hobo handbags are crescent in shape under the handle. There are middle width size bags, and you can wear these as formal or casual.

For casual wear, bohemian  bags will rock the look.

4. Clutch

It simple but elegant, this is the type of handbag that every girl needs to have. They are lightweight, cute and small. Clutch is suitable for a party or a special event because you hold by hand.

However, if you’re the type of a person who has a hard time trying to figure out what things to carry and which one not to; buy the one that has multiple pockets to put your cards, phone, and cash.

5. Satchel

Every girl must own a satchel handbag at least one. It is big enough to accommodate your tablet or laptop, make-up, phone, and cash.  If you’re a working woman, this handbag will be right for you to have.

A satchel handbag has a cross body strap that you can carry it on whenever you don’t feel like holding it by hand. Also, the strap can be removed.

6. Bucket Bag

For ladies who love fashion trendy things, a bucket bag is what you should be looking for to buy.  There are in medium size. To rock your casual look go for a bohemian bucket bag, it adds some fashion taste to the look.

7. Wristlet

They are small but not that small. Wristlets are similar to a wallet, and they are very comfortable to carry. It has a strap that looks like a bracelet that one use to carry it. Wristlets have enough space to accommodate your phone, cash, and cards.

8. Make-up Bag

There are medium sized.  The make-up bag is a must-have for every girl, to carry their cosmetics. They come in all sizes, colors, design and they have a zip closure.

bohemian handbag
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9. Backpack

In mention of the name Backpack; it takes you back in those school memories.  Backpacks are very comfortable to carry, and they have enough space. They can carry some clothes, a laptop, and other things.

Backpack fit well on someone whose lifestyle needs a hand free handbag. A soft leather handbag should be the first one to consider when wants to buy a backpack. It is easy to clean and looks cute.

10. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are designed differently depending on the brand; because of this one can have more than one shoulder bag from various brands.

Shoulder bags are functional handbags. They are carried on the shoulder mostly or are holded by hand.  They are significant to fit all your things.

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