Try Gancube- Smart Cubes for Fun!

Founded by Mr.  Gan-Yuan Jian in 2014, Gancube is one of the most interesting and fastest growing technology enterprises. Gancube has a lot to offer and has a lot of patents and its business is spread from research and development to promotional wholesale activities. All in all “Gancube” is here to provide the best facilities to all the cubers from all around the world.

Team Gan Gurus that has cube geniouses like Max Park and Feliks Zemedges and gathered a great team of intelligent cubers from all around the world and helped them in breaking many world records.

Gancube is working towards making the future intelligent by making smart cubes like Gan356 and Gan Robots etc.

Check out AirSM – Born with Magnets:

Gan air sm is an amazing magnet positioning system structure which weighs only 76 grams. It is a 2017 flagship product from Gan. The magnets on AirSM will not drop and they give very precise positions with magnets Snap-On designs.

The Best way to battle online – GAN356 i

GAN356 i is the best way to battle online with other online cubers from all around the world. This is simply perfect for online matchmaking for battles. This battle is on the spot. GAN356 i is capable of matching you with the same level opponent online within few seconds. So if you are a cuber and love to battle online with same capacity opponent then you will love this for sure. Nearly 1000 battles are recorded in synchronisation and this helps in speed cubing. All this helps in building a new and faster way of intelligent speed cubing. Check out the picture.

Final words:

Overall Gabcube is a boon for intelligent speed cubing and all the cubers would love it for sure. Do check out the website for some real time fun and excitement.

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