Know More About Diamond Jewellery Etiquette

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Initially, when we think of diamond jewellery, we think that we can wear it anytime, anywhere. If you have it, flaunt it, right? Plus, these luxurious items cost fortunes so why shouldn’t they be placed on the spotlight where they can be appreciated and enjoyed?

Apparently, the fact that they are gems of an esteemed quality means that there are appropriate occasions where one can show off these beauties. Special occasions translate to dressing up to the tees and looking your best, which in turn means accessorizing with your best jewels. So when it comes to wearing jewellery during special occasions, knowing jewellery etiquette allows you to take out those impressive diamond jewellery pieces from their safes and let the world sing them praises.


Wearing diamonds to weddings is something we all are allowed to do. Whether you’re the blushing bride with the stunning diamond engagement ring to being one of the guests wearing classic diamond earrings, the choice to wear these precious gems to a wedding is an elegant and stylish decision.


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However, make sure that you aren’t upstaging the bride with your wedding outfit or your chosen jewellery. If you’re the bride, there’s no need to go over the top with your accessories especially if you have an already embellished wedding dress. A simple and dainty diamond jewellery piece will be enough to accentuate your bridal look.

Besides, the most important piece of jewellery at every wedding is none other than the wedding rings. If you have yet to get the perfect bands to represent your love and commitment as a couple, brings you pink diamonds and you can choose from their generous portfolio for that flawless sparkle.

Christmas And New Year’s Eve

The holiday season brings with it successions of glamorous parties. What better way to celebrate the season of vivacities than by bringing in an extra sparkle with your diamond jewellery. Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties usually translate to fancy outfits that glitter and shimmer, which can be complemented with a classy pair of diamond drop earrings or a simple pair of diamond studs. You can accentuate a modest little black dress with an elaborate diamond necklace and your outfit will have an instant party vibe upgrade.

Bring out your fanciest diamond hoops or statement pieces for the New Year’s Eve celebration, which is no doubt one of the biggest parties you’ll ever attend throughout the year. Dress to impress a special person or win the entire guest list with your choice of diamond jewellery.


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Other Special Occasions

A graduation, a milestone birthday, an anniversary dinner, whichever special occasion that requires you to dress up and go out to celebrate with some form of merrymaking is a good excuse to wear diamond jewellery.

If you’re going to a formal event such as a prom or homecoming, you might also want to bring out the luxuriant stash from your jewellery box. Wear diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones to the event but make sure you do not look overwhelmed with too much jewellery.


So why can’t every day be a special day? Yes, we’ll have reasons to wear our diamond jewelleries as often as we want. Indeed, there are certain jewelleries that can be considered as daily staples accessory-wise, specifically your diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding rings.

At the end of the day, where you wear your diamond jewellery depends solely on where you want to wear them. Of course emphasizing proper care and handling of such items to ensure that you can continue wearing them for the rest of your life.

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