Can You Buy Progressive Lenses Online?

Buying items online saves on time and money. It is one of those rare things that technological advances has made convenient for the human population. It often seems quite easy to buy other items like home appliances and clothing or textiles online. However, eye glasses are not your usual items because certain complexities may arise. For example, you may have specific lens and frame requirements for your glasses. Giving the exact description for the same may pose a challenge. Some retailers may not stock what you want but give you an item that only looks like what you originally desire.

The quality of eye glasses you purchase depend entirely on the website you choose to make purchases from. To be safe, you ought to choose the frame first before settling on the lens. Frames come in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. If you have in mind certain characteristics or features that appeal to you, be sure to explain them explicitly to the retailer.

Lenses are the next important factor to consider when buying glasses online. Depending on the purpose of the glasses and your job description, you can pick on extra durable lenses or other alternatives that suit your needs. There are lenses with special coatings too. If they appeal to you, you can always make your orders.

There are numerous stores to make your online orders from. One of them is;

Voogueme Eyeglasses Online

Voogueme is one of the trending online websites stores that deal in eyeglasses. Having been in the market for some time, it competes against big names in the eyeglass industry. It performs fairly well. When you shop for Voogueme eyeglasses online, benefits you are likely to enjoy include;

  1. Free shipping.
  2. Coupons page.
  3. Accepts payment from PayPal.
  4. Offers codes for promotions.
  5. Accepts prepaid and debit cards.
  6. Gives contact information to its clients.
  7. Has a return-money guarantee if the glasses do not fit your description.
  8. Offers returns and free exchanges.

Voogueme has lots of frames to offer too. Some of these are;

  1. Marta Rectangle Green– They are made of rectangular plastic that is as durable as it is charming. The frame has green matte surface that looks translucent. Both the temple arms and bridges have silver ornaments that give them an impeccable appearance. Lovers of green colors are bound to find the Marta Rectangle Green quite charming. Since it has a key hole on the bridge, it reduces the pressure on the nose.
  2. Shania Browline Dark Green– They are semi-rimless glasses that offer a glamorous appearance with their durable plastic as well as gold metal. The frame has a browline gold metal bridge and dark green rim. The nose pads are adjustable, giving you convenience.
  3. Sun-kissed Sun Eye Green- Made of warm green, the glasses are created from high quality materials that make it impeccably cute. The temple is adorned with silver stars to give the overall appearance that delicate look. Wavy patterns appearing on the top corner frame give the glasses a very complete finish.
  4. Narcissa Cat Eye Green– Made of light weight yet durable plastic, these translucent glasses features stainless steel rods. There are silver stars that when adorned, give the glasses a very delicate appearance.

There are other designs for Voogueme glasses too that come in different colors.

Eye Glasses

 Cute Glasses Frames

If you love glamour, you will choose well the frame for your glasses. Frames come in different colors and designs. To determine what fits you well, you should pull hair away from your face and look at yourself on a mirror wearing glasses. Some cute glasses frames to consider include;

  1. Heart-Shaped Face– The face has a narrow bottom third and a wide top third. If you want to reduce the width of the top of the glass face, shop for a frame which has a wider bottom. If flamboyance is your passion, you could go for frames with light colors and frames with no rims.
  2. Oval Shaped Rims– It is a favorite of most glass wearers owing to the balanced proportions. For its natural balance to remain, look for frames that are quite wide at the part where your face is broader.
  3. Square Face Frames– This one requires a broad forehead and a strong jaw. To soften the edges of the frame, you can try frames with narrow frame designs.
  4. Round Face Shape– It has curved lines. Both the length and width have the same proportions. If you wish to have a thinner and longer face, you could shop for a narrower glass frame.

Prescription Glasses

Most eyeglass wearers get overwhelmed when shopping. There are varieties of glasses on offer and getting what suits your needs may be very challenging. Most people are not sure if what they need is the photocromic lens, or one that is coated. Frame shapes are another issue. There are thousands upon thousands of eyeglass frames that bespeak beauty and elegance that it becomes difficult to make a perfect choice. Some frames to consider include High Index Plastic Lenses, polycarbonate, Trivex and Crown Glass among others. Remember that your optician has to check your eyes to authorize the right prescription glasses for you. It if preferable to get qualified assistance with eyeglasses.

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