Guide On How to Dress Up Your Wedding Attendants For A Perfect Wedding

As finding the perfect wedding dress isn’t hard enough, you also have to think about what your bridal party should be wearing! Whether you plan to have a large bridal party and wedding or a small, intimate gathering, choosing dresses that work for your taste and suit your friends and family is no easy task.

After you’ve determined the colour scheme and overall style you want to project, the best way forward is to look at the individual needs for each group. Once you’ve decided what you want your bridal party to wear, be flexible enough to avoid arguments but firm on the points that matter to you!

The Marvellous Mother-of-the-Bride –

Mother of the bride dresses has to be one of the most overlooked of the bridal party. Many brides get caught up dealing with trying to please petulant bridesmaids and forget their mother will be in many of the photos too!

Besides having your mother look nice in pictures, shopping for mother of the bride dresses with her is a great way to ensure to spend time together and include her in some of the wedding decisions. Her involvement will not only mean she is also more likely to be comfortable with what she is wearing but keep you happy as well!
Try and guide your mother toward mother of the bride dresses that are modern yet classic in style such as an A-line princess scoop asymmetrical dress – this design is flattering on just about anyone, at any age and she is sure to look fabulous.

Bridesmaid Dresses –

One of the more difficult choices you will have for your bridal party is bridesmaid dresses. Unless you have a small bridal party, it’s probably worth going in with the knowledge that you probably won’t be able to please everyone.

If you have a larger bridal party, there is a high chance you will be dealing with very different figures, and it will not be easy to find a dress that will suit each bridesmaid. To make your task easier you can opt for some websites offering wholesale bridemaid dresses. The best part about going for wholesale brides maid dresses is that you get them at a discounted and very affordable price. There are two ways to deal with this: either find a style that is generally flattering for most body shapes or have each bridesmaid wear a different style of dress – all made in the same color and preferable fabric. For a style that suits most figures well, an A-line V-neck floor-length gown is commonly flattering or at least comfortable for most body shapes or you can try out chinese bridesmaids dresses.

Fabulous Flower Girls  –

Shopping for flower girl dresses is probably going to be where you can relax and have a little fun, as they’re so cute! Flower girl dresses can be left until after the bridesmaid dresses and wedding gown have been locked in, as this will help you determine what style and colour to choose.

The classic look is for flower girls to wear little white dresses, but another popular option is to match the colour to the bridesmaids’ gowns. Of course, if you want the latter option, it’s probably best to organize the flower girl dresses at the same time as the rest of the wedding party. Either way, your flower girl will look adorable and will be an adorable completion of your bridal party!

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