Vintage Engagement Rings: Resetting Information

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Antique and vintage jewellery is stunning and hand-crafted to great precision, using the finest metals and precious stones. Indeed, many women prefer to wear antique and vintage jewellery and who can blame them? The fine craftsmanship of antique and vintage jewellery makes it very special, and with so many designs from various eras, there’s something to suit every taste. If you have a vintage engagement ring that you would like reset, here are a few tips.

  1. Add Diamond Accents – If the ring has a single diamond, why not accent it with one on each side? This could really make all the difference, and you could even add coloured diamonds, or perhaps emeralds or sapphires, to give the ring a whole new dimension. If you would like to view some fine examples of accents, search with Google images, which is bound to give you some ideas.
  2. Create A Halo Around The Central Stone – This would literally make it a different ring, and with vintage engagement rings, you have a large selection that have a central stone. Talk to a custom jeweller if you would like some ideas about how to reset a special ring, as they are the professionals, plus there’s very little that they can’t accomplish.
  3. Introduce Colour – You could, for example, have a halo of sapphires or rubies, and this is a radical change that would make people think it’s a new ring. You could search online for a custom jeweller, one that works with antique and vintage pieces and see what he has to say. There are so many ways you can introduce colour to a diamond ring and browsing online might be the inspiration to discover the perfect upgrade.
  4. Upgrade The Central Stone Setting – This is a very economical way to boost the appeal of a diamond ring, and if it is antique or vintage, special care needs to be taken. As long as you are comfortable with a raised setting, then why not? This would certainly give the stone more sparkle factor, as vintage rings were made with the technology they had at that time, and a modern setting would reveal the full appeal of the central diamond. The custom jeweller would want to see the ring, then he can accurately gauge what is possible and what is not. If you would like to know more about the quality (and value) of the diamonds in the ring, there are articles you can find online that talks about diamond grading.
  5. Trade The Ring – Why not approach an online antique dealer and see what they have on offer, and if you saw a ring that was right, he would take your ring in part exchange, depending on its value. Rather than going to the trouble of having your existing engagement ring reset, you could simply find a ring that ticks all the boxes.
engagament Ring
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There are, of course, many possibilities when resetting a special ring and it is important that you have a firm idea of what you would like to do, then make contact with a custom jeweller, or search for an antique dealer, who might just have your ideal ring.

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