Various Styles of Wedding Dresses for Women in South Asia

The marriage occasion is a very important life occasion that does not exist in a lifetime and again. This is the start of a new path. Similarly special should be the preparations for the day.

The most significant aspect of the wedding arrangements is the bride and groom’s outfit. This is not the case all the time. Some people, in suits and wedding preparations, also favour simplicity.

For this reason, even the best wedding planners are easily identified today. That not only serve their clients’ interests but also have their finances in mind as well.

One must be looking for a heavy embroidered outfit as a bridal dress in Pakistan and India with subtle colours that will get the attention of all the wedding guests. People may want a dress that is beautiful and elegant, but not too heavy or too light. Women like to wear light colours in their clothes, keeping in mind the latest trends, particularly peach colours in their clothing.

Brides have some very lovely traditions around the world that they observe on their auspicious day. As in every country, dress choice and social values are different, these days we get to see a bunch of variation in bridal dresses.

Brides are seen wearing either a very conventional classic piece on their big day in our Eastern culture or they fully reform their bridal dress option by integrating Western thinking with Eastern principles.

Brides who have a light embellished shirt support go for anarkali frocks, maxi, jacket style dresses, double tops and sometimes skirts.

Popular Styles of Bridal Dresses for Women:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most difficult tasks a woman ever does in her life to find the right dress for a bride. You have to go through a lot of markets to choose the best bridal dress, then you have to pay a lot for the suit you like.


Bridal dress for South Asian bride

Three major styles of dresses are worn by Pakistani and Indian brides:

  1. Designer Dresses:

Designer embroidered dresses which include lawn dresses and ethnic wears are the most common wear for the women on the internet. The Best thing about these dresses for women is that they are great for displaying your feminine side because of their distinctive floral and modern prints and cuts.

2. Maxi and Bridal Frocks:

It is seriously amazing how simple designer maxi dresses or designer frocks can make a woman look fashionable as well as elegant. A designer-embroidered long maxi dress also looks trendy and is simple to wear. They will sink you and, if worn the correct way, make you look taller and cooler. Perhaps that’s the very reason why designer-embroidered maxis and frocks are so popular with women.

3. Sharara-Kurta:

A sharara-kurta are amongst the most common Indian and Pakistani bridal dresses. It consists of a long tailored kurta or shirt and a pair of wide-legged ruched trousers, known as the sharara. A long veil that is wrapped around the head and/or over the shoulders is paired with this. Shararas are exceptionally comfortable as the material used to make the pants is chosen to promote quick movement and airiness.

4. Net Dresses:

Almost any form of figure is flattered by embroidered Net dresses. For the fall and winter seasons, the darker colours are a must-have and the lighter shades perform wonders for the summer and spring’s wedding clothes. Designer Net dresses act as perfect investment in your formal dress wardrobe and as a classic addition.

5. Bridal Lehengas:

Another famous wedding outfit for females is a Lehenga (long skirt). This is bolder than other solutions and can be built in a more revealing manner. It consists of a long skirt, a shawl and a tailored blouse called the choli, or wide-legged pant. To make the bridal dress more adventurous, the sleeves and the neckline can also be played with. Like shararas, Pakistani bridal lehengas are typically painted with rich designs all over, crafted with special ethnic techniques such as Ek taar work with crystals, zari work and cut dana.

6. Bridal Shalwar Kameez:

Indian and Pakistani bridal suits are equally embroidered and beautifully embellished, or bridal salwar kameez. The long kameez or kurta also have these, but this is combined with a salwar, which is a loose pant that tapers towards the ankles. In this costume, the veil or shawl is also crucial. Without at least one of these traditional dresses, every bridal set is incomplete. Typically, they come in traditional colours.

7. Dupattas and Ghoonghats:

The use of a separate dupatta, which is essentially a ghoongat dupatta, is among many other common patterns. It’s mainly red with both sides of golden filigree lace. On nikkahs, barats, and even valimas, these are used. Brides have also been using double dupattas with their lehengas in the same vein; one is of a thicker material while the other dupatta is of a lighter material, see-through.

These days, when it comes to dupattas, the old kiran dupattas are trending again, so you may want to go for at least one of your functions with them.

Most Important Point in a Bridal Dress:

The most important point is that you choose clothes that suit your body, shape and personality. Another important step in finding the right clothes is to know the fashion and style, which one of them suits you. Colors such as red, pink, purple or green will look great, but contemporary women don’t mind unconventional multi-coloured or pastel hues nowadays. In addition to conventional clothes, several exquisite designer innovations, such as bridal gowns, can also be found.

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