How to Choose a Fitted Prom Dress?

Dressing for prom should be a fun experience, but you need to plan your look. You should choose a dress that fits your school.  Most schools have some kind of dress rules that dictates how revealing a prom dress should be. Check the dress limits on acceptable hemlines, necklines, cuts and seams. Most dresses are long formal dresses, but some may have long gashes in the legs. Check your school’s prom handbook to see if long seam dresses are allowed. Prom is a great opportunity to express your style, but don’t feel pressured to be overly sexy or show off your skin. Remember, you still want to look like yourself. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect prom dress.

prom dress
  1. Skin color

For people with yellowish skin, a snow white dress will appear duller, while an ivory dress is more harmonious and natural. Pink blue, pink violet is not good choice, instead pink, pink orange, pink green can slant yellow suitable. Fair-skinned people can wear almost any color. Dark-skinned people suggest choosing dresses in bright colors to create a healthy sexy vibe.

prom dress

2. Body shape

To choose a suitable dress, you must first start from your body shape. If you’re overweight, try not to wear a loose one. Although a loose dress can make you feel more comfortable, it can also make you look smaller and fatter. So it is not recommended to wear a loose one, you can choose some slimmer style, so that you may appear more full figure. If you are a thin girl, when choosing an prom dress, you can choose the length of the dress at the knee. If it is too long, it will make you look even shorter and less tall. So when we choose a suitable one, we need to combine their own characteristics to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. 

prom dress

3. Male companion

If there is a male companion to attend the party together, when we choose the dress, we also need to consider whether the dress we choose can match what our male companion wears. Because if the style between male companion and female companion is too different, it will bring a kind of visual impact to the family. So, it is better to try to be a series.

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