How to Choose Dress Style?

Graduation season is almost here, and for every girl this season is a special moment in her life. At the ball, it is important to make yourself look beautiful. That’s why choose the right dress according to your body shape is so important.I collected some information, hope it will help you.

1. Plump 

You can choose a dress with simple straight lines, which will make you look more slender. The design of the waist and skirt should be avoided as much as possible, and simple is appropriate. Too much decoration will make the body more bloated.You can choose a princess style with a slightly fluffy hem, but it should not be too large; you should choose a low neck, preferably a V-neck dress, which can make the body line elongated; The decorative lace flowers should be made of thinner plane lace. Do not choose high-neck styles, but also avoid thick ornaments.

green dress for girls

2. Tall and skinny

It is recommended to choose a multi-layered princess-style skirt with ruffles to enhance the visual plumpness.You can also choose a style that tightens the chest, which will make you look more lovely.You can choose long sleeves or mid-length sleeves with lace trim. Don’t worry about making you look too bloated, they’ll just fill your figure and make you look radiant.To avoid the backless and low-cut style, you can choose a high-neck or stand-up collar with decoration, especially a dress with a fishtail shape at the hem of the bag can better show the advantages of your figure.

3. Flat chested

You can choose a slightly low-cut, sleeved dress style, the upper body is decorated with complicated decorations to enhance the sense of visual expansion; the waist is tightened, and the lines are simple to highlight the design of the chest. Avoid too fluffy bottom skirts to reduce the visual effect of the breasts.

dress for girls

4. Petite

Suitable for medium and high waist, gauze dress with discounted waist, the waistline can be designed with a V-shaped low waist to increase the sense of slenderness. The rotator sleeve design also tries to avoid exaggeration, such as large puff sleeves or large lotus leaves, and choose small short sleeves. Try to avoid the lower body skirt of the dress is too fluffy, resulting in light head and heavy feet and highlighting the shortcomings of short stature. The upper body can be gorgeous and varied. The skirt can be appropriately selected with a small trailing tail to extend the line of sight of the lower body. Do not choose a skirt that is too long. The princess type with layers of yarn + tutu skirt is the best choice for petite girls, which will make you look more exquisite and cute.

The few styles in the pictures above are my handpicked cheap prom dress styles that are perfect for graduation season. They are styles sold by an online store called AZAZEI. This store offers more than 1000+ styles, 70+ colors, and you can customize dresses according to your figure and favorite color. Dear girls, come and choose.

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