Five Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

In case you are already pregnant or are thinking of getting pregnant then having a healthy body is one of prerequisites. There are many important things that needs to be kept in mind if you are pregnant or are thinking of the same. Such as, you should stop drinking, quit smoking, eat healthy diet and that is not all. 

Five Tips to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy
Today we are going to share some tips that would be highly beneficial for pregnant ladies. So without wasting much of time let us see these five tips for healthy pregnancy one by one:

 1)   Take Prenatal Vitamins:
Make sure that you have conceived the baby. Either go to a doctor or you can take pregnancy test | checkpregnancyto get confirmed if you are pregnant or not.If you are planning to get pregnant then your body needs some important prenatal vitamins for the healthy development of baby. These vitamins and nutrients include, folic acid, iron, calcium etc.

You can start taking these prenatal vitamins after consulting your doctor or most of the prenatal vitamins are available over the counter as well.
2) Stay healthy with exercise:
A fit body is the most important thing when you are pregnant. Going for a regular exercise say 30-40 mins per day will enhance your blood circulation, will soothen your mind and will boost your mood. You can go for Yoga, gym, swimming etc. whichever suits you. Its better to consult a doctor before starting any kind of exercise. Listen to your body and its requirements while exercising. Don’t overdo it! Check out these Yoga Asanas for looking after your skin and hair during pregnancy:
      3)  Educate yourself about pregnancy:
Read about pregnancy as much as you can. Ask your family members if there is any history of birth defects in your family and report to your doctor in case there is any such history. Also attend child birth and pregnancy education related classes. Chances of miscarriage after 8 weeks is seen in many cases of you need to educate yourself about how to take care of your health and body during this period.

4) Track your weight gain:
Gaining weight is very important during pregnancy as you are eating for two. If you don’t gain the weight then there are chances that the baby will be under weight or if you gain too much weight then there are chances that you will find it very difficult to loose weight once the baby is born. So right weight management is extremely important when you are pregnant.
5) Eat lots of fruits:
Most of the doctors say that its important to limit the caffeine intake when you are pregnant as caffeine is neither good for you and nor good for your baby. If you have a habit of taking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning then this may be little problematic for you. In this case you can eat some fruits in the morning. Fruits like banana, apples etc. have natural sugar in them thus are very good for the health of pregnant ladies.
So, friends these are some of the tips for healthy pregnancy from our end. Do let us know what do you think about these tips? We would appreciate if your share your thoughts and tips with us.

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  1. Cool tips! Mild exercises and yoga helped me stay active through my pregnancy.

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