Bridal Beauty Trends for 2023: Glow, Glam, and Beyond


Your wedding day is your time to shine, and that includes looking your most radiant and beautiful self. In 2023, bridal beauty trends are evolving, offering brides-to-be exciting new options for their special day. Whether you’re planning a classic wedding or a trendy celebration, these beauty trends will help you achieve a stunning bridal look that reflects your unique style. Let’s explore the top bridal beauty trends for 2023.

1. Ethereal Glow

In: The ethereal glow is the holy grail of bridal beauty in 2023. Brides are opting for luminous, dewy skin that radiates natural beauty. Achieve this look with hydrating skincare, subtle highlighter, and sheer, radiant makeup.

Out: Heavy, matte foundation and powder that can make your skin look flat and cakey are falling out of favor. Brides are embracing a more natural and glowing complexion.

2. Statement Lips

In: Bold and vibrant lip colors are a major trend for 2023 brides. From classic reds to rich berry shades, making a statement with your lips adds a touch of drama to your bridal look.

Out: Soft, neutral lip colors that blend into the background are giving way to bold, eye-catching shades that draw attention.

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3. Boho Braids

In: Bohemian-inspired hairstyles are a hit with brides in 2023. Braids, whether intricate or loose and tousled, add a touch of whimsy and romance to your bridal look. Accessorize with floral crowns or delicate pins.

Out: Sleek and structured updos are on the decline as brides opt for more relaxed, natural-looking hairstyles.

4. Graphic Eyeliner

In: Graphic eyeliner is a fun and trendy way to make your eyes pop. Experiment with bold winged liner, geometric shapes, or colorful accents to add an artistic flair to your bridal makeup.

Out: Subtle, understated eyeliner styles are making way for creative and eye-catching designs.

5. Colorful Eyeshadow

In: Vibrant and colorful eyeshadow palettes are gaining popularity among 2023 brides. Bold blues, rich purples, and shimmering greens allow you to add a pop of color to your bridal look.

Out: Neutral and earth-toned eyeshadows that play it safe are being replaced by more adventurous and playful color choices.

6. Fresh Florals

In: Floral hair accessories and embellishments are making a big statement in bridal fashion for 2023. Whether it’s a flower crown, floral hairpins, or a blooming veil, florals add a touch of romance to your bridal ensemble.

Out: Traditional veils without floral accents are becoming less common as brides embrace the natural beauty of fresh blooms.


Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and your bridal look should reflect your style, personality, and the latest trends. Consider incorporating these 2023 bridal beauty trends into your wedding preparations to achieve a stunning and on-trend look that will be remembered for years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on bridal beauty and fashion trends as we continue to explore the exciting world of weddings in 2023.

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