4 Ways to Choose the Right Bra for you 

As women, when building outfits, we have to plan and match various parts of it- like the top, bottomwear, jewellery and other accessories, the footwear and most importantly, the bra. A bra is a very important part of any outfit. Be it a work outfit, a casual outfit or a traditional one, the right bra can make all the difference in the world and enhance any outfit. Additionally, a good bra when worn at the correct occasion, will offer much needed support to your breasts and keep all the back ache and tiredness at bay.

If you are someone who still gets their size wrong or is skeptical about moving from the t-shirt bras that we wore as teenagers, this article is for you. 

Keep reading for a compilation of 5 tips from experts on how to wear bra, how to choose the right one and more:

  • Find your size

The key to buying the right bra for you is getting one that fits like it is made for you. Here is how you can find your exact size- 

  1. Measure the fullest part of your breasts. Round it off. This will be your bust size. 
  2. Measure the underside of your breasts, the tape should be just under your bust. Round off to the nearest whole number and add 4 or 5 if it is even or odd respectively. This will be your band size. 
  3. Subtract your band size from your bust size. Now, if the difference is 1, you’re an A cup size; if it’s 2 then B, if 3-C and so on. Add your band size to this letter and you have your size! 
  • Be vary of cheaper quality material

The material of the bra is one of the most important factors that often gets overlooked. Bras are worn under multiple layers of fabric and are directly in contact with our skin in places susceptible to fungal infections. So, naturally, the bra fabric should be light, absorbent, breathable and soft. Harder, rougher artificial fabrics can cause chafing and a lot of discomfort. Cotton and microfibre bras are recommended. 

  • Shop by occasion

The best way to have the perfect bras for yourself is to shop for them by occasion and not at random. Once you’re out shopping for them, make sure to make a tiny list of places you wear bras to- the gym, work, parties, get togethers, casual outings and so on. Select the type of bra according to the amount of activity you carry out at each place. Sports bras for working out, t-shirt bras for work, bralettes for casual occasions and so on.  

  • Shop by breast type  

One of the best ways to master how to wear bra is by shopping for your breast type. Every woman is different and the same can be said about our breasts. Different types of bras flatter different types of breasts. If you have shallow breasts, you can opt for push up bras for a more flattering silhouette. However, if you have full or uneven breasts, you can also go for plunge bras. If you have thin breasts, bralettes or badeaus might be for you. 

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