Coral Bridal Lehenga Inspiration Of The Day

We loved this stunning coral color lehenga which seems to be an ideal fit for an Indian bride to be. It is soothing in color and light weight as far as its heaviness is concerned. In fact the heavy design of lehenga is what makes it best for an Indian bride as we Indians generally prefer to wear heavy jewelry and clothes especially on our wedding day but due to this reason an Indian bride most often complain of being uncomfortable in those heavy ensembles and attires.
Thus we at our bridal and wedding blog very often advocate for heavy looking but light bridal dresses as we feel that the bride should be comfortable on her wedding day. After all, we celebrate our happy times to enjoy and not to get irritated in uncomfortable clothes. Isn’t it? What say?
Do you like this stunning coral bridal lehenga? Yay or Nay?
Image Credit: Pinterest

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  1. Lovely dress and beautifull color

  2. Pretty dress❤

  3. The color is beautiful, and the dress looks to me
    be comfortable, very good.
    Thank you for your visit;
    Have a good month in October.

  4. This color is a favorite of mine. So pretty!

  5. That’s a beautiful lehenga. Love the details!

  6. I really like the color coral for a wedding dress, I love at least for western brides to wear non-white dresses tbh. So, the coral bridal lehenga is amazing.

  7. I love this look on you!  You are so beautiful! Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts.
    Thanks for sharing

    Fashion┊Lifestyle┊Japan ―

  8. Beautiful outfit 🙂

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