Wedding Ideas Straight From The Disney Movies

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There’s no harm in including a little Disney magic in your wedding. If you are a huge fan and have been dreaming of your wedding day being just perfect without going overboard or being cheesy, we got you!

This article will provide all the ideas and inspiration you need to inject just the right amount of Disney to inspire any wedding day. Done right, everything will be perfect from the dress to the jewellery. If you are currently seeking engagement rings, why not look at

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Disney Wedding Ideas

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Exchange rings and eternal vows with these Disney-inspired tips:

Disney-Themed Invitations

Having a cut-out card in the shape of your two favorite characters that are representing yourself can be a lovely touch. Prince charming with a princess of your choice can suit the card as you add your personal touches! You can even add glossy red bows for the ultimate finishing Disney touch.

Some Candy Floss

Candy floss machine will just give you that Disney theme park feel. If you have ever been there before, you’ll know what we mean!

Disney Table Plans

You can get creative with the table planning. Naming the tables and seating sections after your favorite Disney movies, worlds or couples is a must!

Think Fairy Tale And Add Fairy Lights!

Fairy lights can really add to the ambience and give your wedding that magical feel. Litter them above and around your guests as they see ‘happily ever after’ signposts on the table tops!

wedding Ideas

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Go Alice in Wonderland

If you are hoping for more of a vintage style wedding, definitely tie in the Alice in Wonderland theme and see where it takes you. Think about the vintage teapots and teacups to add that extra special feel and take people back in time.

Romantic Roses In A Jar

Having roses in bell jars can give you that Beauty and the Beast feel and helps add the magical Disney theme to your venue’s decor. Keep it subtle but those that know the reference will love you for it!

Turning Up In A Horse And Carriage

Because why not?! If you don’t want to rev the engine, then go back to basics and introduce the beauty of Disney into your transportation.

wedding ideas

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These are just a few Disney-inspired theme ideas for your wedding to get you started. Now it’s your turn to choose what suits you most and start getting things in place for your magical big day.

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