Choose KEEPTO Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle For A Healthy Lifestyle

We all know our body is made up of 70% water and sufficient water intake is a basic necessity for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In today’s busy and fast lifestyle, it often becomes difficult to ensure the required water intake. But guys you need not worry about that anymore as KEEPTO Half Gallon 64 oz Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker is specifically designed to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This bottle is an ideal fit for all the health enthusiasts for activities like cycling, camping, running, workout etc. It has some unique features like motivational quote and time markers on it that makes sure that you drink enough water throughout the day.

This bottle is made with BPA free, smell free and taste-free plastic. Filling the water bottle, again and again, is a big hassle for all of us but with this half gal water bottle there is no need to refill the bottle again and again. It has a big and wide-mouth opening that makes it easier to clean or add ice or any supplements in it. The bottle has a functional patented design and patented flip-top lid making it totally leakproof and dustproof. This wonderful bottle comes with a silicone straw with which you can enjoy spill-proof sipping, also is has a tough carry strap which makes it so comfortable to carry around. The time markers on the bottle make tracking your water intake very easy for all your fitness goals like weight loss or during pregnancy or during detox etc.  

This transparent bottle makes it so easy to check the actual amount of water intake. Its bigger size is what makes it ideal to carry around all day without being worried about filling it again and again. This bottle is made with PETG plastic which is totally toxin-free, 100% BPA free and odour free. So this reusable bottle is totally eco-friendly, leak-proof and portable. The added straw is another feature that will make your drinking experience spill-free.  

Despite its bigger size the bottle is so easy and comfortable to carry around, its plastic is very thick and sturdy. So if you are someone who keeps health and water consumption a priority then this amazing water bottle is ideal for you. This bottle comes in a variety of colours and is very lightweight. Its handle and sturdy strap make it so easy to carry around wherever you go. So for all the health enthusiast, this water bottle is a must-have.   

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