Flaunt Bob Hair with Style!

A bob hair cut is a short haircut where the length of hair is till the level of ears or just above the shoulders. This bob cut is in vogue since long and is generally flaunted by women and occasionally men also flaunt this hair style. Generally, this bob hair style has fringe or bangs in the front.

middle part bob

Bob with bangs is one of the most popular hairstyle among the youth.

For many years women from all around the world have been flaunting a long hair style and long hair has been considered as a symbol of beauty for women. But for some time women’s preferences for a hair cut has changed. Now many girls are flaunting a bob hair style such as side part bob etc. 
We see many celebrities flaunting a bob hair style and they look so chic and pretty in the same. In 2000s this bob hairstyle was adopted by singers like Madonna and Sienna Miller etc. We have also seen singers like Rihanna flaunting many variants of a bob hairstyle.
Apart from these styles there are many styles of bob hair styles that look amazingly beautiful.

side part bob
Types of Bob cuts are many such as an inverted bob, Shingle bob, shaggy bob, A-line bob, middle part bob and Chin-length bob etc.  Personally, I am a great fan of a bob hairstyle.
I have seen many of my fellow fashion bloggers and other working women around flaunting this hair style. Not only working professionals but also college going girls are now opting for this stylish and chic bob hair style.
If you want to look stylish and make a style statement with your hairstyle then bob hair must be your pick. It’s a very comfy and easy to maintain hair style so why not opt for it?
This summer I will be soon going for a bob hair cut! What about you?

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  1. Cute styles! Bob haircuts are stylish!

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