Top Ten Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know

There’s no denying that your wedding is the one of the most photographed day of your life so your whole wedding look should be perfect. Also apart from your look the seating arrangements, music, decoration and catering etc. must be perfect so the wedding planning needs to be just perfect. Let’s first talk about your bridal makeup look. From your eye makeup to your foundation matters a lot during your wedding day. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to share some tips on bridal makeup. Here we go:

Keep your wedding season into consideration

The bride should wear make up according to the wedding season she is opting for. If your wedding is in summer then you don’t want any kind of make up which is too shiny or too fast. If your wedding is in winter’s then your foundation should not look very dry patchy or flat.

Go for a lipstick or a lip balm which suits your skin and which makes you feel comfortable

Lipstick for bride

The lips of the bride are extremely important. You have to smile throughout the day and your smile should look attractive. Cracked up lips with lipstick running out of them looks extremely shaggy and untidy. This can break the whole bridal look. So make sure you have such a lipstick or lip balm handy which is comfortable on your skin and is very moisturising.

Go for a make up trial

There are many options and places where you can go for a make up trial before your wedding. This way you can minimise the last-minute surprises during the wedding day. So, you will feel confident and will be filled with good knowledge about your bridal make up look before the wedding day.

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Drink lots and lots of water before your wedding

One of the most important beauty tip for your wedding is that you need to drink lots of water.  Drinking lots of water will hydrate your skin and make it glow. A good hydrated skin makes a perfect base for the application and base for make up.

Go for products which are waterproof

You might feel sweating or you might cry out at your wedding or there can be any other happening that can wipe off your make up from the face so you need to go for those make up products which are waterproof.

Go for a balance in your bridal look

If you’re going for a smoky eye look then don’t go for two lousy lipstick or too much of shimmer on your cheeks and highlighting. To highlight the smoky eye look the other factors of make up such as lipstick or highlighter, bronzer etc. should be minimal. Go for hair accessories and hair style that balance the whole bridal look.

Try to keep few things handy during your wedding

Always carry lipsticks, blotting papers etc. handy during the wedding so that you can touch up easily during your wedding day.

Make sure the foundation you are using is a perfect match to your skin

Bridal makeup tips

The worst thing a bride can do is to go for a foundation which does not complement her skin. So try to match the foundation to your skin tone as close as possible. On the D-day you will be photographed continuously and you should make sure that the color of your face and your neck matches.

Use a teeth whitening product

Smile is a key to that perfect bridal look. During your wedding day you will be smiling throughout the day so you want your teeth to look pearly white, isn’t it? So you need to start using teeth whitening products few months before your wedding day.

Apply a moisturiser before your self-tan

You should apply moisturiser on your skin so that it acts as a barrier when you apply a self tanner. Remember your tan is like a paint and your moisturiser is like water and you are blending them for perfection. Make sure you make the tan look natural. Do use the moisturiser to blend afterwards around the areas of your wrist, back of your heels, hands, around your hairline so that the tan-look gives a natural feel. 

Final words

If you keep these points and tips in mind then you bridal would surely be top notch. These are some of the basic guidelines which should be kept in mind before applying the bridal make up. So make sure you are following these make up tips on your wedding day.

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