10 Things to Check out before Buying a Bra

For many girls/women, shopping for a bra means going to a nearby shop and purchasing the same without trying it on as we girls feel little shy while buying lingerie. Also, girls generally don’t know much about that perfect bra size along with the right cup size. Isn’t it? For many, bra size and cup size is just the same but these two are quite different from each other.
 10 Things to Check out before Buying Bra
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Trust me! Wearing the right bra means a lot of comfort and feeling beautiful from within. Keeping this in mind, today we are sharing 10 points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing that perfect Bra. So here we go:
Make a list:
Before going for women bra shopping do check out the types and sizes of bra and do shortlist that bra size and cup size that best fits your body type. Read the size chart thoroughly.
Check out your body type:
While purchasing a bra you must know your body type. There is no single fit for every woman as every girl / female has different breasts and chest size.
There is a perfect bra for every occasion:
Bra type needs to be according to the occasion. If you are out for playing or some outdoor activity, then “sports bra” could be your choice and if you are wearing some revealing neckline then you can opt for a “push-up bra”. You simply need to figure out the best women bra to wear for different occasions.
There is no fixed size, your bra size change according to the change in your body and age:
Most of girls keep on wearing the same bra throughout their adulthood. They seldom realize that bra size changes with age and is highly dependent on different body types. Like age and body shade, bra size doesn’t always remain the same.
Be open minded about your size:
Whether it’s a bigger size or a smaller one, be comfortable with your body and your bra size. Don’t be conservative about your size.
Go to the right place:
Go for bra shopping where you can check out your size by wearing it or at least make sure that the shopkeeper is friendly enough to give you a good advice and assistance in bra shopping. You can also shop smart with online shopping as they provide good details of bra sizes with clothing and other things. Moreover, many good online shopping sites provide a hassle-free return policy.
You can opt for bra accessories as they look so chic
Check transparency:
While buying a bra you must check out the bra transparency. Highly transparent bra can lead to nipple show or too thick bra may look unnatural. Thus, do go for that bra that has that perfect transparency according you your need and comfort.
Know when it is time to say good bye to that old bra:
Most of the times we keep on wearing that same old bra even if it has outlived its age. So, keep a check on for how long you are wearing the same bra so that you can discard it for the new one when the old bra is in no longer in position to be used for the desired comfort.
Care for your bra: ‘
Taking good care for your bra is one of the most important things if you want your bra to last long and give you good comfort. Go for some good lingerie brands so that you need to take its minimal care. Also, keep it clean, wash it with tenderness.
So, girls! Hope you like these points about bra shopping. Do keep these points in mind while you go for bra shopping the next time!

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  1. These are great suggestions! I totally agree that the bra size keeps changing with time and it’s important to get your bras professionally fitted.

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