5 Best Cotton Sarees to Gift your Mom to Make her Feel Special

A notion that the entirety of humankind will agree that there truly is no other feeling that tops the joy we experience upon seeing our mothers happy, healthy, content, and thriving. Ever since we are old enough to remember things, we have seen our mothers devote so much of their lives selflessly taking care of us and everyone within their reach and constantly neglecting their wishes and well being. 

However, for this, as eternally grateful as we might be, most of us find it difficult to express our gratitude through words. And of what use are feelings if not conveyed, right? In such a case, the best way to make her feel loved and special is through a beautiful thank-you gift. So this upcoming festive season, surprise her with some of the best cotton printed sarees in these collections and help her upgrade her entire wardrobe:

  • Floral printed saree for women: Soft, light cotton sarees with flowers, petals and leaf prints of all sizes and colours scattered across the six yards are every mom’s go-to. Along with being the epitome of ‘beauty in simplicity and looking lively and youthful, these pure cotton saree for women are also exceptionally comfortable to wear, which our mothers prefer above all. Gift these to her in her favourite colours and watch her sparkle with happiness!

  • Black and white cotton sarees: While this combination might seem rather dull in any other item of clothing, black and white cotton sarees, owing to the sheer sophistication they exude, have been in trend for decades and undoubtedly will continue to be. The contrast of the black borders and patterns on otherwise pure white fabric is something she will surely love. Get one of these for your mom, along with a magnificent red rose for her hair; this will transform into a retro diva! 

  • Paisley Print cotton saree: 

These drop shaped motifs with a twisted top that you see in mehendi designs or any ethnic item of clothing so often have been every woman’s favourite pattern for over hundreds of years ever since the Mughal times. That being so, it is guaranteed that your mom, too, will appreciate the splendid beauty of a soft cotton saree with beautiful paisley prints in striking, bold colours. Slip in a pair of matching paisley jhumkas as well as a gratitude card in between the folds of the saree for a bit of surprise and your gift pack if ready! 

  • Geometric Printed cotton saree for women: These Avante-Garde innovative geometric print sarees, with triangular, circular, curvy, rectangular patterns placed next to each other in complementing, vibrant colours bless the wearer with a certain edge and boost their confidence. After a certain age, most mothers start to think that up-to-the-minute, fresh trends are not for them. By giving one of these to her as a present, you will be doing the much-important task of pulling her out of that mindset.

  • Multicoloured cotton saree for women:

 Colours in combinations of two or three are one thing, but the charm of a multicoloured saree with harmoniously placed hues in various designs is entirely different. These out of the box sarees can be worn for any occasion, be it a kitty party, family gathering or even a social function, depending on how she decides to style it. And so, it will most definitely bring the biggest smile to her face. 

All these saree for women offer a divine combination of utmost comfort and voguish fashion, making them a must-have in your mom’s closet. So without any further delay, go ahead and start picking the best ones according to her tastes!

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  1. So many beautiful choices. One is sure to make you Mother happy!


  2. These would be great gift ideas for mom!

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