A Guide To Heirloom Engagement Ring Etiquette

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It has always been a tradition within many families to pass on the family engagement ring from mother to daughter. This important custom does bring with it some aspects of etiquette, and with that in mind, here are a few aspects to bear in mind when receiving an engagement ring that is handed down in the family.

Family Discussion

While some girls might prefer to simply announce her engagement and wait to be offered the heirloom ring, it is best to actually sit down with your family and discuss the topic. Once you are sure that he is the one for you, you can begin to drop hints and hopefully, your family will invite you to talk about your future. Many families have heirlooms such as antique diamond rings and they are happy to pass these down to their children when the time is right.

Ring Alterations

In the event you would like to make any changes to the heirloom ring, you must ask permission for this, and aside from resizing, don’t be surprised if your family would prefer that you not make any changes to the ring. Of course, you might meet no resistance at all, but be prepared for a refusal regarding customizing the ring, as the sentimental value is, of course, very high. Talking about this in the open eliminates the risk of someone being offended in the future, and with everything agreed, there will be no tension. There are very informative guides to heirloom engagement ring etiquette which you can find online.

Showing Respect & Appreciation

It is important that you demonstrate your respect for being given the family heirloom, and your parents will be happy to hear that you will cherish the ring while it is in your care, before handing it down to the next generation. It is sometimes the case when a mother feels reluctant to part with a ring that she has worn for the best part of her life, and if you feel that this is the case, why not offer to acquire your own antique engagement ring?

Creating Your Own Heirloom Engagement Ring

If this tradition has not been followed by your family, you could start the custom yourself by acquiring an antique diamond engagement ring that you will pass onto your children at some point in the future. You can easily find antique engagement rings for sale. You can simply visit websites of antique dealers who have access to a lot of fine examples, all genuine and at affordable prices.

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In the event your family does not offer you the family heirloom engagement ring when you announce your intentions to marry, you should sit down together and during the conversation, you can establish where you stand and then make suitable arrangements. If your mother is reluctant to give you her engagement ring, it isn’t the end of the world, and as it obviously means so much to her, you can find a similar ring at the online antique dealer, then everyone is happy.

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