Popular Styles for Wedding Bands

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The wedding band is one of the most important items a person can wear, as it symbolises the union you have with your partner, and the trend for both man and woman to wear identical wedding bands has been around for some years now. If you are at all concerned about breaching wedding ring etiquette, here are some guidelines regarding the width of a wedding band for both sexes.

Women’s Wedding Band

Of course, the most important thing to bear in mind is that you will be the person who wears the ring, and while there are obvious practical limitations about how wide or narrow a wedding band can be, it really is up to you. The slightest wedding band would be 1mm, which would be crafted from either platinum or white gold, as both are strong enough for such a thin wedding band, and this makes stacking a simple way to go. If you are planning to set small diamonds on the front of the band, there is an established expert that handcrafts custom made wedding rings Brisbane couples love, and they can be reached with a Google search. The widest wedding band would come in at around 12mm, but 5-6mm is perhaps the most popular width, and with small diamonds inset, or a plain wedding band, commissioning a custom jeweller to make a pair of identical wedding bands is a great choice.

Men’s Wedding Band

The average width of a man’s wedding band is 5-7mm, and the only real upper limit is being able to bend your finger, and a large man might wear a 15mm+ wedding band and it would look in proportion on a large frame. Typically, a man’s wedding band would not contain precious stones, but may have an engraving, which doesn’t mean you can’t have precious stones set into the band, and with a design inspired by you, the custom jeweller can create the perfect pair of wedding bands for you and your partner.

Wearing Identical Wedding Bands

This is a symbol of the unity, and with a custom jeweller, your ideas can become reality, with the jewellery maker procuring loose stones, and the cost of having wedding bands custom made is not that far removed from what you would pay in a jewellery store. If, for example, you both had a thing for emeralds, then you could design rings with small emeralds set into the band, and a wide band also allows for engraving, which is a romantic touch.

Custom Wedding Bands

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If you would like to explore the many possibilities of designing a pair of identical wedding bands, make sure you have some idea of design and the approach a local custom jeweller. The expert can help you with the design details; the metal, stones and dimensions, then you can both share something special, and as you will be wearing the ring all the time, it needs to be a practical design. Women should avoid any diamond prong settings, indeed, any precious stones need to have a secure setting, but if you looking for plain metal, white gold or platinum are ideal choices as they do not tarnish and are very durable.

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