The Best Silicone Manufacturers to Watch in 2022

Anyone who cooks, who has a baby at home, among others, knows that it is essential to have quality silicone products when preparing a meal or for your baby. In addition to being resistant, this material is also non-stick and malleable, which helps a lot in everyday life. Currently on the market, there are specialist brands in this field, such as Newtop Rubber, which offers great quality products!

Silicone has numerous advantages and, therefore, products made with this material are so successful. For starters, they are non-stick and won’t scratch pan surfaces, and silicone products won’t absorb food flavors or odors.

The silicone manufacturers think exactly about the product so that it withstands high temperatures, does not deform, is odorless and non-toxic. Silicone does not contain bisphenol, which is the famous BPA, released when some types of plastic are heated or cooled, and which can cause serious damage to health, disrupting the endocrine system.

To top it off, they are easy to wash and are usually dishwasher safe. When properly cared for, they can last up to 10 years. This means keeping them always sanitized and stored in ventilated places. In addition, these products often feature beautiful designs and even decorate your kitchen.

Breast pump

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Still thinking about the manufacturers, we have evolved a lot in the production of products, nowadays it is possible through liquid silicone overmolding to make products of all types and tastes, personalized in the way that customers expect.

Let’s talk about a technology that helps many mothers daily, the breast milk pump, this item has become indispensable for new mothers, because in addition to collecting excess milk, if used in the correct way, it helps in production too! Not to mention the benefit of when you need to go out, you can have the milk ready for someone else to bottle! Anyway, for several reasons it is worth the purchase of this product!


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This new milk collector extracts milk by suction. Not only is it super compact and easy to use, it’s made of super soft silicone and is perfect for traveling as it doesn’t require a power source to use.

Her job is to collect more milk while you breastfeed! Every drop of breast milk is precious. Breastfeeding often creates a loss of milk from both breasts, which means that milk from the side the baby is not feeding can go to waste.

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breast pump and milk bottle

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While you breastfeed on one side and you extract excess milk from the other breast with the pump! Or if you prefer, you can use it alone, always giving a stimulus (pressing the pump).

I don’t think they are a substitute for good food that you will give your baby, but they can certainly be a great ally to help you with breastfeeding.

Tip: For a better grip, fold the tip back, fit it over the nipple, and let the tip fall back into place. Doing this way, the suction becomes stronger and the grip correct.

It can be sterilized with any steam or boiling water sterilization system. Because, due to being made of silicone material, it is a versatile material that is simple and easy to sanitize.

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