7 Fun Things To Do On Anniversary

Time flies when you are in love! From a first date to the immediate monthly completion, it is true to interpret that when you are in love, time flies away in a blink of an eye. And there’s no surprise, you are about to complete a year again and hit the milestone with another year in love. It doesn’t matter whether it is a paper anniversary or the diamond one, love is ageless which keeps rejuvenating you and your partner and with your anniversary around the corner, it’s time to celebrate it with all the necessary fun and joy!

7 Fun Things To Do On Anniversary
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Of course, you gotta find the perfect gift for your beloved, however, it is also mandatory to give a fun touch to your on-going romance. Are you wondering how would do that? Well, keep scrolling, the following ideas might help you give a playful turn to your anniversary celebration.

  1. Rewind And Recreate Your First Date

Remember when he was all shy and you were all giggles, less did both of you know that the love is gonna last a lifetime. Upcoming anniversary is a chance for you to recreate those carefree moments once relished and add a kittenish touch to it. This might revive up the memories and stir your love impeccably.

  1. Rent a Private Room For A Mini Staycation

Same city or a different one, pamper yourself and your partner and rent a private suite and go beyond the realms of your busy lives. A perfect way to spend quality time together. You can also order online anniversary cake an from a trusted online bakery and get it delivered just when the clock ticks twelve.


  1. Find a Drive-In Movie Theater Catch A Flick

With so many innovations going on with the advent of time, book a drive-in movie theater and park your ride as per the scheduled timings. Who would have thought, you can stay in drive and still celebrate your anniversary.

  1. Catch Your Favorite Live Show Together

It is pretty obvious, with so much on the plate, you hardly have spent time together laughing and chuckling. Don’t wait, book a comedy live theater and grow old in love and laughter with your partner.

  1. Go For a Couple Bike Ride Around The Town

This anniversary, feel the young love and carelessness! Rent a bike or borrow one from your friend or family and take your beloved on a long drive where she sits tight and you let her unfurl in happiness.

  1. Arrange A Photoshoot

Remember on your wedding day, there were cameras on two? Well, how about you call a personal photographer and pose with all the light on. Don’t forget to go creative with the settings and the apparels.

  1. Stay In Blanket And Binge Watch Movies

The best and most viable option, sit back and order some junk meals and turn your LED on! Feed yours and your beloved demons with some fancy food and delight your senses with some really good and awesome movies and TV shows.

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  1. So many lovely ideas!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  2. So many lovely ideas!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  3. Recreating the first date is a cool idea!

  4. Great ideas!

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